Cominco OlteniaCominco Oltenia SA operates in the construction market since 1999. During this period the company strengthened its market position, answering in the affirmative the most important challenges. Through the works carried out both in Romania and in other EU countries we proved that our company is a partner that lives up to the highest demands.

Respect for partners, respect for business, respect for collective and permanent respect for the work is a permanent priority for our company.

Business activity conducted so far: execution of construction of residential and non-residential building, manufacturing of metal structures and parts of structures.

The company carries out activities presently working in several ways to different beneficiaries. It has a permanent place of business and said secondary office in the town Coltesti District. Valcea location where the works of metallic work for all sites as required, repair machinery and equipment and provides its own fee, metallic work for different partners on demand.

Standard EN1090-2 started implementing its „Execution of steel structures and aluminum structures” which creates a decisive prerequisite in manufacturing metal contracting works ripe for external partners to work with at this time based on orders only point up implementation and certification to this standard.

In the next perspective it is envisaged implementing an integrated information system that would provide better communication between departments within the company due to the influx of information and data. It wants to centralize the information from all sites, correlation of certain common activities on sites, more efficient means of transport with own feedback more quickly to all inquiries and follow more closely the implementation of decisions at all levels.



Cominco Oltenia SA execute these types of works:

Civil engineering
• Metal constructions
• Industrial buildings
• Construction of residential and non-residential
• Collection, purification and distribution of water
• Works roof covering and building terraces
• Construction of roads and bridges
• Hydro construction
• Electrical works
• Other construction installation works
• Construction of utility projects for fluids
• Construction of utility projects for electricity and telecommunications
• Construction of other civil engineering projects n.c.a.
• Demolition of the buildings and land preparation



Financial information





Human resources

For now Cominco Oltenia recommend hiring but does not perform sending CV. Ideal employee should be interested in the construction field. Collaboration with our team is dynamic and stimulating. We will contact you in the future if your CV is of interest.
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